Jim Ross

Never Apart


Jim Ross

Jim Ross jumped into creative pursuits in 2015 after a rewarding career in public health research. With a graduate degree from Howard University, in six years he’s published nonfiction, poetry, and photography in over 150 journals and anthologies on four continents. Publications include 580 Split, Bombay Gin, Burningword, Columbia Journal, Hippocampus, Ilanot Review, Lunch Ticket, The Atlantic, The Manchester Review, and Typehouse. Recent photo essays include Barren, Kestrel, Litro, New World Writing, So It Goes, and Wordpeace. A nonfiction piece led to a role in a documentary limited series. Jim and his wife—parents of two health professionals on the front line and grandparents of five preschoolers—split their time between city and mountains.

Jean Wolff



Jean Wolff

Jean Wolff has had group and solo exhibits in various galleries in New York City and internationally. In addition, she has published 111 works in 77 issues of 52 different magazines. Born in Detroit, Michigan, she studied fine arts at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, receiving a BFA in studio arts. She then attended Hunter College, CUNY in New York, graduating with an MFA in painting and printmaking. She is now part of the artistic community of Westbeth in Manhattan.

K. L. Johnston


Fortress IV


L. Johnston

L. Johnston first realized an interest in photography after she managed to wrangle seven kids to adulthood. Traveling with the SC ETV Endowment gave her the opportunity to explore wider environments, and her first published photos appeared in that organization’s in-house magazine. She is an opportunistic photographer and the only planning that goes into her photography lies in taking her camera with her wherever she goes. That being said, the photographic urge has led her into some strange and wonderful places. The majority of her subjects are environmental, and she looks for images of details, places, or things that may be overlooked.

Nathan Gentry

Sunsets Ending


Nathan Gentry

Nathan Gentry is a visual artist and writer who primarily works with the photographic medium and is interested in highlighting the relationship humans have between each other, as well as their relationship with the world in which they live in. Exposing the way in which the living world interacts through communication and physical use is a common visual portrayal that Nathan intends to create through photographic processes. His work often requires experimentation and manipulation to create the communicative experience that is often personified in real life.

Ann Fischer





Ann Fischer

Ann Fischer is a writer and photographer living in Toronto, Ontario in an Artscape community on the lake. Her photographs are often of women, girls, flowers, and landscapes. During the pandemic she’s been experimenting with blurring her photos to describe the way so much of our lives have become less sharp and more blurred as the pandemic marches on.

Featured Artist: Michael Hower

The Instrumentalists

The Muckers

The Precisionists


Michael Hower

Michael Hower is an artist and photographer from Central Pennsylvania. His work focuses on historical themes. He photographs historical and abandoned places, depicting human objects and structures in modified environments now devoid of human activity. For him, the artwork is always more than the photograph. It is also about the research, the place-seeking journey and the telling of forgotten stories after the capture is made. His artwork has been displayed in galleries, museums, and publications around the country.

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