The Martyr

Who are you?

You don’t know?


I’ll come closer.

Your face.  What happened to your face?

You don’t remember?


Are you sure?  Look.

It’s horrible.  The holes in your face.  Your chest.  Your stomach.

Yes.  So many.

Why are you laughing?

Children laugh.  Don’t you know children laugh?

Stop.  Stop it, please.  The sound. It hurts.

Yes.  It’s supposed to hurt.

But why do you hurt me?

I asked you that, too.

Please. Please I am begging you.  Don’t look at me.

I have to look at you.

The sound, the sound!  But who are you?  I don’t understand. They said there would be virgins.


Marc Simon


Marc Simon’s short fiction has appeared in several literary magazines, including The Wilderness House Review, Flashquake, Poetica Magazine, The Writing Disorder, Jewish, Slush Pile Magazine and most recently, Everyday Fiction. His debut novel, The Leap Year Boy was published in December, 2012.

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