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Burrdowning Press

64 pages, perfect bound

Print + eBook: $15.00

Featuring: Issue 100, published October 2021, features works of poetry, flash fiction, short nonfiction, and photography by KJ Angelo, Elaine Barnard, Ruth Bavetta, Marcia K. Bilyk, Heather Bourbeau, Heath Brougher, Juliana Chang, Todd Copeland, Danica Depenhart, David Dephy, Edilson Afonso Ferreira, Sandy Fry, Violeta Garcia-Mendoza, Tawnya Gibson, Scott G. Harvey, Mark Henderson, Stanley Horowitz, Penny Jackson, Christy Lorio, Joe Lugara, Andromeda Mendoza, J. Alan Nelson, Marlene Olin, James Penha, Patrick T. Reardon, Nicolas Ridley, O.G. Rose, Jim Ross, Claire Scott, Roberta Senechal de la Roche, April Pride Sharp, Dave Sims, Richard Stimac, Ellen Stone, Lou Storey, SM Stubbs, Shannon K. Winston, and Tanya L. Young.


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