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issue 94

Burrdowning Press

56 pages, perfect bound

Print + eBook: $15

Featuring: Issue 94, published April 2020, features works of poetry, flash fiction, short nonfiction, and photography by Rose Mary Boehm, Mark Anthony Burke, Carol A. Caffrey, Tetman Callis, Roger Camp, Kit Carlson, Todd J. Donery, Amy Strauss Friedman, James William Gardner, Wendy Gist, Michael Hower, Dan Jacoby, Jeanne Julian, Marianne Lyon, Allison A. deFreese & María Negroni, Marijean Oldham, Phillip Periman, Andrew Posner, Janet M. Powers, Jennifer Pratt-Walter, Gerard Sarnat, Claire Scott, Jupp Soetebier, Phillip Sterling, Bob Strother, Shoshana Tehila Surek, Teresa Sutton, Joel Wayne, Kelley Jean White, Thomas Reed Willemain, and Guinotte Wise.