it’s a shortcut for me

when I’m riding my bicycle to the city,

to take a short bit of the pathway

which /wīnd/s itself through:

the cemetery;


and on this one, grand occasion —

a horde of black Dragonflies were flying,

en masse, all about it;


it didn’t mean anything, and

I’m not going to make it mean anything —

it wasn’t a symbol of the deads’ departure from,

and through, the living world, and,

it wasn’t an omen,



what it was, was

Dragonflies in the cemetery:

but it was also a moment of

clarity to me — and these moments,

I find, are happening

more often.


a father and daughter

are eating green Apples, on:

a stone bench

in the city, speaking,

no words.


Leonard Zawadski

Leonard Zawadski is a poet currently residing in Chicago, IL. He has studied the art of poetry writing at the University of Iowa, Northwestern University, and the Newberry Library.


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